Toilets & Bathroom


We spend a lot of our lives in the bathroom. Whether for relaxing or well-being, the bathroom deserves to be spotlessly clean. Etamine du Lys eco-friendly cleaning products will clean and freshen your bathroom and are One Voice & Cruelty-free  certified (not tested on animals).

The Bathroom cleaner, is a 2-in1 formula that corresponds to the Kitchen cleaner. Fast-acting, it also removes limescale and adds shine to enamel, earthenware, taps, shower cubicles etc. This eco-friendly product also comes in a 50ml concentrated refill to dilute at home, making 500ml of ready-to-use product.
For a sparkling clean bathroom, the Anti-scale cleaner (also used in the kitchen) works to perfection with the Bathroom cleaner. This powerful limescale remover with white vinegar combats limescale on floors, surfaces, taps, saucepans etc.

This natural cleaning product also works on metal (100% stainless steel, chrome, copper and brass), as well as for maintain your washing machine and dishwasher (Apply a few sprays to the inside of the machine before running a short empty cycle).


Etamine du Lys’s specially designed eco-friendly household products for cleaning your toilets and wash rooms have been manufactured using plant-based ingredients that are compatible with septic tanks and macerator toilets.

Active at removing limescale, the WC gel block cleans and shines toilet enamel whilst leaving behind a sweet pine scent. This natural product can be used with the Toilet cleaner pinewood to remove limescale, clean and leave a fresh scent. 

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