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Plants for a clean and healthy home

Etamine du Lys was born in Somloire in Anjou, at the time when petrochemical household products were having the first consequences on health and the environment: skin reactions, allergies, river pollution...

Thanks to plant-based our household cleaning products, we meet all the needs for a healthy house. The majority of our products comply with the Ecocert standard on Ecodetergents. This guarantees products that are environmentally friendly and manufactured according to the best practices of green chemistry.

Ethical ans Responsible

Our experience as a manufacturer, gives you the guarantee of a product of great quality which goes from the raw material, through its manufacture, its packaging until its marketing. Our products are eco-designed and respect our core values of respecting your health and the environment.

Etamine du Lys develops products that respect the living and the planet. Animal protection has always been a priority. By supporting militant associations such as One Voice and PETA-Cruelty free International, Etamine is committed to offering you products and raw materials that are not tested on animals.


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