Why buy laundry detergent in bulk ?

When you are sensitive to the environment, buying organic is not enough. It is also necessary to take into account the packaging of your laundry detergent and reduce the volume of plastic waste. Buying laundry detergent in bulk is the solution proposed by Etamine du Lys.

bulk etamine du lys


According to the study conducted by Nielsen in December 2018, 37% of French people say they buy products in bulk. Apart from fruit and vegetable purchases, 1 in 2 people say they buy dried fruit and oilseeds in bulk. As for bulk dishwashing liquid, only 6% declare to have already bought some. There is still a lot to do! And yet, reducing packaging is even more visible when it comes to cleaning products. An empty 3-liter bottle of laundry detergent weighs 112 grams. If you reuse it 20 times, you save 2.13 kilos of plastic.


There are a few rules to follow when buying laundry detergent or household products in bulk. Thanks to Réseau Vrac, the professional organization dedicated to promoting bulk sales, the rules are simpler. Consumers can use a reused container that has been used for the same purpose. The ideal is to come with your empty Etamine du Lys laundry detergent bottle or with your own glass or plastic container (PET or HDPE). This way, all the information concerning the composition and the precautions for use are the same.

If you choose a bottle other than an Etamine du Lys bottle, be careful that the bottle is a certified product (except for glass). It is also necessary that the bottle is used for the same purpose: a laundry bottle for laundry detergent, a dishwashing bottle for dishwashing liquid…

You should also know that any packaging that has contained dangerous products (acetone, white spirit) or food products (water bottles, oil, jam jars) is strictly prohibited for cosmetics and detergents.


Switching to bulk laundry detergent also means saving money without sacrificing quality and efficiency. Etamine du Lys laundry detergent and Etamine du Lys dishwashing liquids are biodegradable. Indeed, tests of biodegradability were carried out according to the OECD standards. Because the fact of having natural ingredients does not always guarantee an effective and biodegradable product. So by buying your organic laundry detergent in bulk, you save on average 15 to 20% on the usual price in bottles.

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