For a kitchen that’s clean, eco-friendly and vegan from worktop to hob, you can count on Etamine du Lys eco-friendly cleaning products! These products are certified One Voice & cruelty-free (no animal testing) and are Made in France.

How do I cut through grease in my kitchen? By using Kitchen cleaner, an excellent degreaser and descaler that also kills bad smells on all of your washable kitchen surfaces. Its cleaning power combined with a fresh natural scent of organic eucalyptus essential oil will leave your room spick and span. This cleaning product is safe to use on earthenware, enamel, stainless steel, resin etc. So that you can reuse our packaging and reduce waste, we also offer Kitchen cleaner in a 50ml concentrated refill pack to dilute at home.

Etamine du Lys Ceramic hob cleaner tackles the cleaning of your ceramic hob. This ecological household product cleans, degreases, shines and cares for your ceramic hob cooker, leaving no marks and a streak-free finish.

How to clean an oven? Use Oven cleaner ! This eco-friendly product is formulated without caustic soda and is used to clean oven grills, fireplace glass doors, ovens (apart from the porous finish walls of self-cleaning ovens) and barbecue grills. Thanks to its advanced degreasing power, it removes all traces of smoke, soot and grease.

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Living room

When it comes to cleaning the floor, there’s a product for every surface! Tiling, varnished floors, lino, plastic flooring, polished floors, protected wood etc. The secret to the perfect clean lies in understanding the different materials. All of our eco-friendly floor care cleaning products are certified Ecocert and One Voice (no animal testing).

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Other rooms

Cleanliness is also in the quality of the air. Etamine du Lys has designed a natural range of air fresheners using essential oils – the natural response to bad odours.

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