Laundry directly touches our skin. Avoid allergic reactions to laundry detergents by choosing products carefully. What laundry detergent should I use on my baby’s clothes? Washing powder or liquid detergent? Etamine du Lys’s laundry care range is certified Ecocert and offers natural and safe products that don’t cut corners on effective cleaning.

The Washing powder is ideal for whites and is suitable both for machine washing and hand washing. The Laundry liquid cleans colours and whites brilliantly from 30°C. Protect your clothes with the Wool and delicate textile detergent for delicate fabrics including silk, wool and natural fibres. Also suitable for dark colours and black.

For sensitive skin, Etamine du Lys recommends our washing detergent with Alep soap which has no fragrance added, making it allergen free. We recommend Hypoallergenic laundry liquid for baby’s laundry.
For softer, conditioned laundry, simply add a little eco-friendly fabric softener to your detergent! Choose from the following organic essential oil scents: Lavender or Citrus fabric conditioner. Also try Etamine du Lys water softener tablets which prevent limescale build up in your washing machine whilst protecting the colour and condition of your laundry.

Laundry stain? Stain remover spray removes colour stains such as blood, grass and ink from natural and synthetic fabrics. Use Stain remover gel before washing to get rid of food or engine grease from all fabric types, even at low temperatures. Oxygen laundry bleach tablets are placed directly into the washing machine drum to remove stains from your laundry.

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