Fly trap – 2u

  • Fly trap for outside use to attract the flies before they enter your house
  • Perfume : fish
  • Re-usable
  • Insecticide-free
  • The whole fly kit contains the trap + 2 doses to dilute
  • Then, refills are available x 3 units

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Instructions for use

  1. Remove the cap and empty an attractive bag inside the trap.
  2. Pour water (2 cm height) and close with the cap.
  3. Check once a week that there is still 2 cm of water inside the trap.  If needed, add some.
  4. Place the fly trap outside: sheltered from wind, in the sun (works 24h after exposure), in front of the house or opposite a wall, half shadow, half sun, when outside temperatures are over 30°C.
  5. Empty and rinse the trap after 5-6 weeks of use and change the attractive product.


  • Attractant under the format of fish powder: 90% (m/m)